Calvin Klein Cosmetics Company, Inc. – Corporate Image

Calvin Klein Cosmetics Company, Inc.


How do you introduce an international advertising campaign for a new perfume featuring highly provocative young models? How do you succeed in this endeavor following on the heels of a national uproar over the allegations of “kiddie porn” leveled at a sister company-Calvin Klein Jeans-just a few short months before? How do you manage the media so as not to resurrect the furor over the Jeans campaign and have it taint a new product introduction that was years in the making at a cost of tens of millions of dollars? Not an easy task!


Working with the President of Calvin Klein Cosmetics, we reviewed all aspects of the company’s business plan for the sales and marketing of the new product. Critical to anticipating and shaping the public response was a thorough understanding of the company’s business objectives. We prepared comprehensive crisis management plans covering all possible scenarios, both internally and externally. This included outlining all areas of potential conflict for the company, from managing the media response to the potential boycotting of Calvin Klein Cosmetics product lines ($600 million in sales worldwide) by fundamentalist groups who were active during the Jeans controversy. A plan was put in place that addressed the range of public and internal concerns and stakeholders:

  • Business and entertainment media
  • Mainstream national news and trade media
  • Customer response to the advertising
  • Internal senior management and parent company board of directors
  • Sales force – nationally and internationally


With a high-level management team in place, capable of acting quickly and strategically, crucial marketing, advertising and public relations decisions were made, leading to a successful product launch with a minimum of public controversy.