Prolume Ltd. – Company Launch

Prolume Ltd.


An emerging biotechnology company, founded by two doctors and a chemist with a passionate interest in cancer research and molecular biology, identified and cloned the genes from bioluminescent sea creatures to create a wide range of uses for this naturally occurring form of light. Their initial business plan was to create and sell toys and novelty items using bioluminescence to fund cancer research. Their corporate identity was confusing to potential investors, partners and the media. Were they a quirky toy manufacturing company? A pioneering medical/biotechnology company? How do you distinguish them from the hundreds of start-up biotech firms? The firm’s capitalization was dwindling and they had an urgent need to reach a larger audience that would include finding corporate partners in the areas of food, toys and pharmaceuticals.


After carefully reviewing their business plan and developing a solid understanding of the company’s mission, goals and objectives, we crafted a public relations and marketing approach that emphasized the unique nature of the firm’s pioneering work with glowing sea life and crafted a story based on the founders’ own compelling history. We landed a “glowing” profile in the Wall Street Journal that created widespread media interest. Leveraging the WSJ article, we were able to obtain national attention for Prolume in major business and news magazines and newspapers, such as Newsweek, US News & World Report, LA Times and the New York Daily News, as well as stories by CNN and other national television news organizations.


The widespread media exposure that we were able to generate for Prolume created a groundswell of excitement and interest among potential investors and corporate partners. The company is now in the midst of several lucrative negotiations for additional capital to further their research in bioluminescence and to establish cooperative ventures with some renowned toy manufacturers and food product companies.